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George Abbot School Commission
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Lava Lamp
Red Black Hole
Journey of the Mind
Enter the Cosmos
Whispering Wind
Magic Ball
The commission for George Abbot School was for six glass panels situated in the internal windows next to the Science Lab. The brief for the project was very open and provided a lot of freedom.

When embarking upon the initial design it was decided to look at abstract notions of science and modernity in order to link the work with its location. In keeping with contemporary design work and the size of the panels (each approximately 25cm x 25cm), no lead lines or appliqué was used: each panel is one whole piece of glass.

Images were designed to be relevant in an establishment of growth and learning, reflecting modern science and man's yearning to understand more.

After the initial designs were approved by the School, a variety of fused glass and sandblasting methods were developed and combined to create techniques that successfully expressed the designs on paper in glass media.

'Flash' glass was chosen for all six pieces. This type of glass is two layers of different coloured glass rolled together to form one piece. For example a red layer on a clear layer of glass looks red from both sides, but sandblasting or etching through the red layer reveals the clear glass beneath. Much of the design for this commission involved digital images created using Photoshop. By sandblasting through stencils, the digital effects could be successfully replicated onto glass. Some of the panels consisted of two layers of different flash glass superimposed on top of each other, for example 'Lava Lamp', the inspiration for which was the idea of blood cells under a microscope.

The panels were designed to symbolise biology, chemistry and physics in an abstract art-infused way. The six panels are displayed in a chequered composition with a pane of clear glass between each design. Although they are individual pieces in their own right, each one was designed to flow into the next piece, drawing the eye around the six panels to emphasise the link between them.

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