This is a collection of sketches from various travel sketchbooks I have taken with me whenever I have had the opportunity to travel. My sketchbooks are and will always be among my most cherished possessions. Every tattered page holds a piece of my heart and my desire to depict a place on paper. These are not perfect images, but they represent moments in time I have been fortunate enough to have experienced and for which I am eternally grateful. Travelling is the key to amazing adventures!

Sketches from travelling to S.E. Asia, Australia and Japan, 1998 - 2006.

Bayon Face in a Buddhas Window, Cambodia

Elephant Tree, Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Elephant Eye

Abstract Dragon Fruit

Kheow Pravihan

The Silk Dyers

Hands Twisting Silk

Prasat Panamrung


The Tranquil Buddha

Old Man, Ban Sawaii

Dtor's Grannie

Dtor's Grandma

Nanzenji Temple, Kyoto

Higashi-Honganji, Kyoto

Sanju-Sangen-Do, Kyoto

Sanju-Sangen-Do, Kyoto

Mt. Fuji, Fujiyoshida

Sengen-Jinjya, Fujiyoshida

Small Temple, Kyoto

The New Royal Hotel, Rubyvale


Richardson Sapphires, Sapphire

Tree, Rubyvale

Skull, Longreach

Fossiking For Sapphires

Tree, Binna Burra, NSW

Faces from The Bayon

Doorway Ruin

Archway, Ta Prohm

Faces from The Bayon


Faces from The Bayon

Stone Face, The Bayon

Stone Tower, The Bayon

Stone Face, The Bayon

Statue, Cambodia

Citadel, Vietnam

Shopfront, Hanoi, Vietnam

Sunset, Krabi


Krabi, Thailand

Mekong Boat Interior

Boats, HoiAn

Waterfall, Laos

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